Long-Form Narration
Covering everything from corporate training videos to audiobooks, narrations are the most common of all voice over types. This style of voice-over is my sweet spot, as I am able to comfortably relay large amounts of information while keeping the attention of the audience.
Most often used for radio and television, commercials, these voice-overs are often conversational, portraying real people in real-life situations in order to get your message across. I am also capable of producing in the 'hard-sell' style (think used car dealers.)​
Digital Media
By far the fastest growing segment in voice-over, digital media encompasses everything from in-app narration for smartphone and tablet apps, to on-hold and voice-mail systems. These voiceovers are often fun and engaging, and fall right into my comfort range.
Animation & Characters
Animation is a rapidly growing segment in the voice over industry. These voice-overs include work such as cartoons, animated films, and video games. With a wide array of character voices available, and years of acting experience, I can help bring your animation to life.
Mixing & Mastering
Audio can only sound as good as the engineer mastering it. With years of experience and a professional studio with the latest equipment and technology, I am capable of providing high-end, finished products.
So Much More...
As a creative professional, I love coming up with unique solutions to interesting projects. Contact me directly to discuss your idea so we can develop a plan together. You can request a personalized quote below.
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